Code of Conduct

Members of Lanikai Canoe Club

  • Treat all fellow members and the general community with respect, honesty, fairness and aloha
  • Show respect for self, other members, competitors and the club family
  • Show respect for the coaches, officers and board members of the club
  • Show respect for the environment – especially the ocean
  • Show respect for the sport and culture of canoe paddling
  • Show respect for the club’s equipment and property
  • Attend scheduled practices and notify coach when not able to participate in practices
  • Volunteer for, participate in and support club activities, events, races and committees
  • Strive to achieve personal best both physically and mentally and support others in this effort
  • Avoid behavior such as violence, physical or verbal abuse while participating in any and all Lanikai Canoe Club events. Understand that such behavior is grounds for not making crew, suspension or expulsion from the club.
  • Keep the best interest of the club and my crew before personal aspirations.

Youth Paddler’s Parent

  • Emphasize emotional and physical well-being of children, fair play and development of outrigger paddling skills over winning
  • Congratulate paddlers for effort, not for winning
  • Respect and support coaches as well as youth and adult officials.
  • Resolve disputes calmly and away from children with the coaching chain of command.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship through positive support for all paddlers, coaches and officials at all practices and races.
  • Remember that youth paddling is for youth, not adults

Lanikai Canoe Club Coaching Staff

  • Treat each paddler with respect and dignity
  • Provide paddlers with advance notice of program requirements, practice schedule and crew selection criteria
  • Make crew decisions based on fair and equitable standards
  • Be available to explain decisions or answer questions
  • Foster an environment of open communication with the paddlers
  • Mediate conflicts between paddlers that affect the success of the paddling program
  • Be prepared to seek help from the Division Coach or Head Coach.
  • Abide by the Division Coach and/or Head Coach’s decisions.
  • Utilize a positive coaching style that fosters teamwork and promotes the values and mission of Lanikai Canoe Club.