Lanikai Canoe Club Koa Canoes

Mana – You feel it every time you see or paddle in our beautiful Koa Canoes Mokulua and Hokulele

Did you know that both of our Koa Canoes are over 60 years old?  They are – George Perry (Carson Perry’s grandfather) built Mokulua in 1963 and Hokulele in 1966.

During this last year, both canoes required extensive refurbishment.  As you probably noticed, Hokulele was finished in time for the 2017 regatta season and performed beautifully.  Mokulua required even more extensive refurbishment and was not completed until after the 2017 distance season.  We will have both Koa Canoes available to race in our upcoming 2018 seasons.

While we get to race and enjoy our Koa Canoes today, we have an obligation to preserve these beautiful canoes for future generations of Lanikai paddlers.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot of hard work and money to maintain our Koa Canoes.  In a typical year, Lanikai spends approximately $8,000 on our Koa Canoes which is covered by our dues and fees structure.  This last year, we spent over $38,000 refurbishing both canoes.  In an effort to hold down our dues and fees, we are establishing a Lanikai Canoe Club Koa Canoe funds to help us defer the cost of maintaining our Koa Canoes.

Each dollar donated will go directly to the preservation of our Koa Canoes and every gift, regardless of size, makes a difference. In this season of giving, please consider a donation to the Lanikai Canoe Club Koa Canoe fund today.

Your gift matters! Every gift goes to preserving our Koa Canoes for future generations and is tax deductible.